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Acne Treatments


What is Acne? What are the treatments for Acne?

Z-ROC offers a variety of treatments for acne and can help prescribe the solution that balances with your skin type. We offer acne laser and light treatments, a new age, a non-invasive acne treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria under the surface of the skin using safe UVB and other light spectrums. Our skin care specialists can also prescribe a skin care regimen that encompasses a balance of treatments and diet. Call us to set up an appointment or request an appointment online.

Acne treatment options include cleansers and degreasers, prescription medications such as topical antibiotics and retinoid derivatives, as well as oral antibiotics, chemical peels and laser and light treatments.  It is important to seek professional dermatologic treatment early to prevent the possibility of permanent scarring. Acne can be detrimental to a person self-esteem in adolescence and adulthood and it can be treated. We are here to help.

Acne is an extremely common skin condition that affects up to 80% of adolescents, however, it can affect people of any age group.  It is characterized by papules (pimples), pustules (pus-filled pimples), open and closed comedones (whiteheads and blackheads), nodules (large pimples) and cysts.  The development of acne lesions is thought to result from overactive oil secretion from sebaceous glands, blocked pores, and overgrowth of bacteria.  Even patients currently being treated for acne may have flares, which can result from hormonal fluctuations and menstruation, genetic predisposition, stress and workout supplements.  In severe cases, scarring from old acne lesions may result. Consult with ZROC’s professional Acne Dermatologists.


For your Acne treatment consultation, our physicians at Z-ROC Dermatology will gladly discuss which treatment options would be best suited to fit your needs. 

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