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Dysplastic Nevus (Atypical Mole)


Dysplastic nevi (atypical moles) are pigmented lesions of the skin that can be inherited or acquired.

What is an Atypical Mole? Atypical mole Treatments. 

Ultraviolet light (UV-A and UV-B) may cause the transformation of melanocytes into atypical melanocytes or melanoma. Atypical nevi often have a characteristic appearance, although individual lesions may not show all the findings. Typically, they are large, pigmented lesions and frequently measure 5-15 mm in diameter. Atypical nevi are usually larger than common nevi with irregular and ill-defined borders. Flat and raised areas may be present within a single lesion and color may be highly variable and ranges from tan to dark brown to pink. Dysplastic nevi may appear anywhere on the body, but they most frequently occur on the back, chest, buttocks, breasts, and scalp.  It is important to seek professional dermatologic treatment early as the progression of these atypical moles is uncertain.  


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