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Love What You See In The Mirror, After Body Sculpting In Fort Lauderdale

It’s true – South Florida is a paradise, where swimsuit season is pretty much year-round. But people here still get excited over the arrival of summer. And yes—it’s almost here. All winter long, you’ve been hitting the gym non-stop, while eating clean – trying really hard to get rid of your stubborn belly fat or that extra chin. Though you may have lost some weight, those pockets of fat, remain. And now it’s time to come into the light, and try body sculpting in Fort Lauderdale, at Z-ROC Dermatology.

Body Sculpting in Fort Lauderdale in a Non-Invasive Treatment

Between sun tanning on the beach and posing for your social media posts, you want to look your absolute best. And you still have time to get the body you want, without having to worry about a lengthy recovery time, associated with cosmetic surgery. A non-invasive procedure is the way to go. For our body sculpting treatments, we use a non-invasive body contouring treatment called TruSculpt 3D. It uses proprietary radio frequencies to help destroy fat cells. It can also diminish the appearance of cellulite. And it’s safe and effective.

The non-invasive body sculpting treatment – TruSculpt 3D, is customized to your body. And it’s quick. Most patients see results after just one, 1-hour session. And we can treat up to four areas, in that one session.

Some of the areas we can target with treatments include your flanks/love handles, the abdomen, chin area, neck, thighs, and arms. Our professional, experienced and licensed medical staff will explain in detail, what will happen. Again, since this does not involve surgery, you can resume your regular schedule, right afterward. No downtime. Now that’s convenient!

So again, we urge you to come into the light and check out body sculpting in Fort Lauderdale, at Z-ROC Dermatology. Call our dermatologists at (954) 564-0040, to schedule a consultation.

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