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Men Too, Should Consider Laser Hair Removal in Fort Lauderdale

Just like women – men are spending much more time grooming themselves. “Manscaping” as it’s called, is growing more popular, especially during this time of year. We’re quickly approaching the season of exposure. So yes, my Man – you, too, should book an appointment for laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale.

How Laser Hair Removal Works in Fort Lauderdale

Laser hair removal is a medical, cosmetic procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in which a concentrated beam of light – or laser targets the follicle of unwanted hair. It does not harm surrounding skin. It works perfectly for men who want to focus unwanted hair on their chest, back or arms, or anyplace else for that matter.

Let’s be honest. How can you show off that serious six-pack you word so hard to get if it’s covered in hair? Here’s something else to consider. That beard that kept you warm during the winter months may get a bit hot while you bask in the sun. And like women, who like to switch hairstyles in spring and summer, perhaps it’s time for you to get a new look, as well. Laser hair removal works exceptionally well on facial hair.

There are so many benefits to laser hair removal, including it being fast and convenient. There are minimal side effects or pain, and of course, it’s effective, with lasting results. Results vary, but most patients should experience permanent or near permanent hair removal results after six to eight sessions. And if your hair grows back, it’s nowhere near as thick as it was initially.

When you book an appointment with us, for laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale, you do so, with the confidence of being treated by an experienced and licensed laser hair removal specialist. Call Z-ROC Dermatology at 954-564-0040 and schedule a consultation.


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