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Our Best Skincare Tips for the Winter

One of the great appeals of living in Florida is the abundant sunshine and warm temps we enjoy year-round. While our seasons may not be as severe as elsewhere in the United States, there are some seasonal changes to consider when caring for your skin.

To help keep your skin glowing year-round, including in the winter, the team here at Z-Roc Dermatology pulled together a few skincare tips. Here’s what premiere dermatology experts Drs. Khongruk Wongkittiroch and Matthew Zarraga have to say.

A dry affair

Not only is Florida known for its ample sunshine, it’s also known as one of the more humid states. This means your skin enjoys more-than-adequate moisture in the air most of the time, but this moisture does tend to wane during winter. If you add the dryer climate to indoor heating, you may be at risk for showing the signs of dry, scaly skin.

To combat this, we recommend several steps. First, ensure that you still drink plenty of water during the winter to keep your body well hydrated.

Second, during the winter, we recommend that you use a heavier moisturizer, such as one we offer called ZRO® Downtime, which is an intensive antioxidant recovery cream.

Another great tip is to apply your moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower or bath to trap some of the water against your skin.

Keep it warm

On the subject of bathing and showering, we know a hot shower can feel good if the temperatures fall outside, but we suggest that you don’t turn the heat all the way up. Hot water can dry out your skin, so you’re better off taking a more temperate bath or shower.

Protect yourself

We’ve brought up the subject of sunshine several times and this is one area where you shouldn’t let your guard down. The sun can still damage your skin in the winter, so we recommend that you continue your sunscreen regimen.

To help, we offer several great products from ZRO, including ZRO Sun hydrating antioxidant tinted sunscreen and ZRO Sun sheer matifying antioxidant sunscreen.

Outside of sunscreen, covering up with a hat and long sleeves is also a great idea any time you go outside. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are enemy number one when it comes to premature aging so any steps you can do to protect yourself are steps well worth taking.

Get the right skincare team in your corner

If your skin is struggling during the winter, a quick visit to our offices can get it back into great shape. Our team fully analyzes your skin and comes up with a tailored program that’s designed to protect and nourish your skin, no matter the season.

To get started, contact our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to set up a consultation.

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