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Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

Are you tired of spots, scars, or stretch marks? Acne, sun damage, and aging can bring unwelcome changes to your skin, but you don’t have to accept imperfection. Laser treatments can significantly improve the appearance of your skin, treating your problem spots and giving you back a smooth, youthful look. 

At Z-ROC Dermatology in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we provide several types of laser treatments that can rejuvenate your skin. 

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

An intense pulsed light, or IPL, laser can treat many signs of aging or damaged skin. You can get photorejuvenation, also known as a photofacial, here at Z-ROC Dermatology, and watch spots and scarring fade away over the course of your treatment. 

The IPL laser delivers short flashes of light, similar to a camera flash, to target sun damage, wrinkles, rosacea, and spider veins. IPL can also reduce pore size and treat acne scarring, spurring collagen production to remodel your skin’s surface and erase fine lines and wrinkles. At Z-ROC Dermatology, our team also uses it as a treatment for rosacea.   

Most patients need about five treatments to see the best results. We recommend the best course of treatment for your skin concerns. With IPL, there’s no discomfort during or after your treatment, and you can go right back to work or other activities with no downtime.

Non-ablative fractional laser

You can treat your stretch marks with topical creams, but you’d probably be less than thrilled with the results. Non-ablative fractional laser treatment offers better results. Women who have fractional laser therapy on their stretch marks are much more pleased than those who use cream treatment.

This laser therapy can help diminish and fade scars and stretch marks on various skin types and pigments safely and quickly over the course of several weeks. The non-ablative laser skips across the skin, disrupting columns of skin cells and leaving the adjacent columns untouched so collagen production can ramp up.

Ablative fractional laser

For acne scarring that may not respond to a non-ablative laser, or for fine and wrinkles, you can request ablative laser treatment. Ablative lasers remove the very top layer of skin, resurfacing it and allowing scarred areas to engage in healing. CO2 lasers are better for lighter skin tones, while erbium lasers are better for darker skin tones.

If you are ready to recapture your skin’s youth, our laser-wielding team can help. Contact us at 954-564-0040 or book an appointment online today. 

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