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Warts? We've Got You Covered

If you’ve got warts on your skin, usually around your hands, the good news is that these growths aren't exactly cause for alarm. And as you may have already figured out, they can be stubborn about going away.

As dermatology experts, the skin care team here at Z-Roc Dermatology, led by Dr. Khongruk Wongkittiroch and Dr. Matthew Zarraga, are no strangers to warts, and we’ve helped many patients clear away these nuisance growths once and for all. 

Here’s what you’re up against when it comes to warts and how we can help.

Warts — a common problem

Warts, in all of their many forms, are incredibly common and affect about 10% of the global population. The most common types of warts include:

This discussion focuses on those common warts that are more visible on your hands or, less commonly, on your face.

Like all other warts, these warts stem from the human papillomavirus (HPV), a contagious skin infection, which is why warts are common among school-aged children.

As we mentioned, warts aren’t usually serious from a medical standpoint but can pose cosmetic concerns and discomfort. For example, a wart that catches or rubs when holding something something in your hand can be more than just a minor hassle.

Treating warts on your own can be frustrating

If you have warts you want to get rid of, you can certainly go to your nearest pharmacy for some over-the-counter (OTC) medications. We warn you, however, that these topical solutions aren’t very potent, and warts can be stubborn. They might take weeks to clear from your skin with OTC medications, and they can also return.

If you want to save yourself time and hassle, it’s a good idea to go straight to the big guns to get rid of warts. We offer several different solutions.


Cantharone is a topical solution that forms a blister within the wart, reaching all the way to the bottom. The blister lifts the wart, and it eventually falls off.

Liquid nitrogen

We can freeze your wart off using a liquid form of nitrogen. This treatment usually takes a week or so for the wart to fall off.


We use electricity to burn the wart off. 


Using a knife, we remove the wart. This approach is effective and immediate, but it can lead to scarring, depending upon the size of the wart.

Laser therapy

We use different laser technologies at Z-Roc Dermatology, and our resurfacing laser is great for removing blemishes like common warts.

As you can see, we don’t lack options when it comes to removing warts, and we certainly have one that fits your needs.

If you want the fastest road to wart-free skin, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office.

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